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    Quarok DM
    Quarok DM

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    Play Testing Empty Play Testing

    Post  Quarok DM on Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:12 pm

    This is where we will be using simple game play to flesh out the world that is being created for use in our ongoing live D&D campaigns. Characters start at level 1, can begin anywhere, and do not have to form a party with other players. Since this is primarily for role play purposes, monsterous races are allowed, but will have certain role play consequences.
    Quarok DM
    Quarok DM

    Posts : 74
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    Age : 34

    Play Testing Empty The World

    Post  Quarok DM on Wed Apr 17, 2013 2:39 pm

    Human Towns and Cities: Temperate Climate
    Ashbourne - Capital City
    Coveway Junction - Trading Town
    The Lotus Fields - Farming Town
    Northcove Harbor - Trading/Shipping Town
    Starwood Fort - Trading/Fishing/Military Camp
    Creek Village - Farming Village
    Packingtown - Slaughter Town
    The Tharion Monastery - Monk Monastery/Brewery
    Westbrook - Farming Town
    Alya Junction - Trading Town
    Farreach - Trading Town
    South Prospertown - Trading Town

    Elven Towns and Cities: Sub-Arctic Temperate Climate
    Breena - Capital City
    Naida Camp - Wilderness Encampment
    Orla - Shipping/Trading Town
    Arethusa - Farming Town
    Rhoslyn - Hunting Town
    Elya - Shipping/Fishing Town
    Luella - Trading Town
    Eolande - Wilderness Encampment
    North Prospertown - Trading Town

    Dwarven Towns and Cities: Sub-Desert/Desert Climate
    Deep Forge - Capital City Underground
    Sundri Tower - Lookout Tower/Trading Above ground Town
    Fafnir Tower - Lookout Tower/Shipping/Fishing Above ground Town
    Hall of Iron - Military/Sub-Capital Underground City
    Mithril Hall - Religious/Sub-Capital Underground City
    Alviss Tower - Lookout Tower/Above Ground City
    Welbyville - Shipping/Fishing Above ground Gnomish Town
    Tosscobble Harbor - Shipping/Trading/Fishing Above ground Gnomish City

    Other places not associated with the three main powers:
    Slaver's City - Located near Farreach - Not recognized by Elves as sovereign
    Shipping Guild's Island - Located off the coast of North Prospertown - Only guild memebers allowed - Recognized as Sovereign
    Thieves' Guild City - Underground Located near North Cove Harbor - Not recognized as sovereign - Only guild members allowed
    Mage's Guild Tower - Located near Eolande - Open to all - Regognized as sovereign
    Smithing Guild Headquarters - Located between Halls of Iron and Mithril Hall - Open to all - Recognized as Sovereign

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